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Member: Don Harman

logo   Tednologies, Inc. wholly owned and operated by Don Harman, was created to satisfy the need for proper containers to ship perishable products. Our flagship product the TEDSBOX® was designed around the actual needs of the following perishables markets: Pharmaceutical, agriculture, fresh foods, flowers, etc. and includes input from various companies and potential users including: fish processors, air carriers, commodity forwarders, restaurateurs, rural Alaska retailers and pharmaceutical companies.

Tednologies, Inc. was started in January 8, 2007 when Don Harman was looking to expand his part 145 repair station in Anchorage, Alaska. Don met with then President and CEO of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) Bob Poe, who was working on expanding the capacity for perishables handling and shipping throughout Alaska. AEDC asked Don if he could create a refrigeration/heating device that would facilitate the movement of highly temperature sensitive goods via air cargo.

Don’s answer was the TEDSBOX®; an active cold chain container that can heat and cool with no additional additives (dry ice, gelpaks, etc.) and that would protect fragile cargo from the elements while it waits to be loaded on the airplane. The box is also easily transferable to other modes of transportation should the need for multimodal shipments and temperature control arise.

Don came to Alaska iDon Harmann 1973 at 17 years old and worked construction in Anchorage.  He then worked the pipeline until 1977.  He got his private pilot license in Valdez while working the pipeline. Aviation go into his blood. He then went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University from 1978-1981 and graduated with a BS in Aeronautical Science—Piloting major, and a BS in Aviation Maintenance Tech.—-Mechanical major. He returned to Alaska in 1981 and started as A&P for South Central Air in
Kenai and in 1982 was hired by Alaska Airlines.

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