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Member: CSP2

Welcome, new Annex member: Kendra Zamzow

cspp_logo2Kendra Zamzow is a staff scientist with th e Center for Science and Public Participation (, which provides tools and technical advice to grassroots groups, communities, and tribes faced with mining issues. CSP2 puts science in the hands of the community so that they can fully participate in the regulatory process, and will act on their behalf. CSP2 also performs policy related work on the implementation of water quality, waste disposal, and mining reclamation regulations. Whenever possible they look for win-win solutions.
Dr. ZamKendra Zamzow-2f1b578c.jpg-portrait-e78d7e47zow has lived in Alaska for 30 years, and currently lives off-grid in Chickaloon. After decades of experience in the Alaskan fishing industry, she went on to receive her PhD in Environmental Chemistry in 2007. Her goal is to listen to communities to understand their concerns, and incorporating their knowledge with technical analysis of environmental information on mining-related environmental impacts to give communities a voice in mining project proposals, including proposed mines, expansion and reclamation projects.


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