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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Raising Apple Trees in Alaska

Our next Summer Gardening Lecture will be on raising apples in south-central Alaska. With 26 years of experience, River Bean from Arctic Organics will share his knowledge about everything from suitable varieties, to pruning and grafting. Join us!

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How Fungi Can Save The Earth

“….they’re not just for cheese and antibiotics.” Next weeks discussion will teach us mushroom identification along with the medicinal and ecological benefits of these fungi. Join us for an evening of great information, hearty discussion and plenty of fun!

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Weeds As Medicine

What is this now – week 5 in our Summer Lecture Series? Wow, so much fun! This next week we’ll have Dr. Joanie Kirk here to talk about ‘Weeds As Medicine.’ Don’t miss this chance to learn what to do with those pesky weeds, and how to benefit from them long after the growing season.

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